It's amazing what these two artists achieve in their combined duo and flawless ensemble. At times you think you are hearing actual instruments from the orchestra, and the rest of the time one is in awe of the level of musicianship and ingenuity, as well as the beauty of sound and professional quality of their work. Congratulations to RnR Fusion for producing a top of the line CD” - Raymond & Elizabeth Chenault, Duo Organists, Atlanta, GA

— Album Review: Classical Fusion, Vol. 1 (Live)

RnR Fusion: Rick Land & russ Tapp

Organ & Virtual Orchestra Duo

Rick Land & Russ Tapp make up the 2 "R's" of the New Age Neo-Classical Organ & Keyboard Duo known as RnR Fusion.

Rick’s reputation as a highly gifted and extraordinary professional organist, composer & service player along with being one of the nation’s most gifted improvisators has grown enormously among his peers and the congregations he has served and continues to serve.

Russ has become known and loved as a musician, conductor, orchestrator, arranger, contemporary worship leader, teacher and a keyboardist with a Psalmist’s heart within the congregations and institutions he has served and continues to serve.

Together they both have contributed to the cultural, musical and spiritual betterment of their respective communities for over four decades.

In 2008, Rick Land & Russ Tapp, began what has become a truly “one of a kind” musical endeavor in the 21st Century.

At the beginning of their relationship, RnR innately knew that their vast experiences must be channeled into something greater & more expansive than the musical world has yet experienced. Russ began to explore the latest & ultimate technology in “virtual orchestra sequencing” ...using actual orchestral instruments whose sounds are literally captured in digital form. These actual “acoustic” musical tones of every instrument & voice used in symphonic, film & choral compositions along with each instrument’s unique articulations can be meticulously & artistically played via a midi keyboard into an audio recording sequencer resulting in the form of a full virtual orchestration. It is an enormously time consuming process that requires the skill of a gifted music interpreter & intuitive orchestrator.

Russ’ patience & technological savvy and creative giftedness along with a desire to make beautiful music accessible has given RnR the opportunity to bring some of the most brilliant music ever written for organ and orchestra to people everywhere... especially those in small venues & communities who possibly would never experience the magnitude of these great compositions in combination with the mighty sounds of a great pipe organ!!

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