Classical Fusion, Vol. 2: Saint-Saëns & Rachmaninoff - Master Works for Pipe Organ and Virtual Orche

RnR Fusion: Rick Land & Russ Tapp

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A dynamic virtuoso team exploring the borderlands of Classical, Film, Mystical & Spiritual Music, creating a new instrumental genre: Classical Fusion. Fusing the cosmic, mystical & organic properties of an old world Pipe Organ with a virtual orchestra.

Rick Land & Russ Tapp make up the 2 "R's" of the New Age Classical Fusion Music Duo known as RnR Fusion featuring Symphonic & Soundtrack Music for Pipe Organ & Virtual Orchestra.

In exploring the borderlands of Classical, Film, Mystical & Spiritual Music RnR Fusion have created a new instrumental genre known as Classical Fusion. By exploring the cosmic, mystical, healing and acoustical properties of the "old world" Pipe Organ fused with contemporary digital symphonic and new age forms of music utilizing the latest technology in digital instrumental sequencing, RnR Fusion have created a unique world of breathtaking beauty!

The latest technology in harnessing the power and majestic beauty of the modern symphony orchestra enables RnR Fusion to create artistically crafted new world symphonic music by utilizing acoustic orchestral instruments whose sounds are literally captured in digital form. These actual “acoustic” musical tones of every instrument, & voice used in symphonic, film & choral compositions along with each instrument’s unique articulations can be meticulously & artistically played via a midi keyboard into an audio recording sequencer resulting in the form of a full virtual orchestration. It is an enormously time consuming process that requires the skill of a gifted music interpreter & intuitive orchestrator.

Russ’ patience & technological savvy and creative giftedness combined with Rick's virtuosic ability as an organist and composer and RnR's collective desire to make beautiful music accessible to the remotest areas of the planet has resulted in a dream becoming a reality.

The collaboration of RnR has given the unique duo the opportunity to explore and create thrilling new music while also bringing much of the most brilliant music ever written for organ, orchestra and film to audiences everywhere... especially those in small venues & communities who possibly would never experience the magnitude of these great compositions in combination with the mighty sounds of a great pipe organ and symphony orchestra!!

RnR dedicate their music & creativity to people everywhere who desperately need the magnificent & inspiring sounds of beautiful music.

INSTRUMENTAL & DIGITAL RESOURCES USED IN CREATING: Saint-Saëns Symphony No. 3 "Organ Symphony" and Rachmaninoff Symphony No. 2: III. Adagio:

Aeolian-Skinner Pipe Organ, St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, Amarillo, Texas Yamaha Motif SF8 Music Work Station Keyboard Eastwest Hollywood Strings (VST Software) Eastwest Hollywood Woodwinds (VST Software) Eastwest Hollywood Percussion (VST Software) Eastwest Hollywood Brass (VST Software) Eastwest Symphonic Orchestra (VST Software) Eastwest Composer Cloud (VST Software) Logic Pro X (DAW Software for Mac) Final Cut Pro X (Video Editor Software for Mac) Adobe After Effects (Video Editor Software)

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