Healing Presence: Instrumental Music for the Weary Soul

by Russ Tapp

Released 2016
RnR Fusion Media
Released 2016
RnR Fusion Media
Soothing Meditative New Age Piano & Virtual Orchestral settings of classic hymns and worship songs including fresh settings of Maranatha! Instrumental Classics, M.W. Smith Instrumental Classics and original light jazz settings of ancient hymn tunes.
This collection of deeply and soothing spiritual melodies are arranged and performed with the listener who may be experiencing a time of deep sadness, brokenness or loneliness in mind.

In my own life experience music has been a primary force, a lifeline and a connection to the deeper parts of my being and my spirit. Music is an energy with the power to unite each of us with our own source and with each other. Hearing a warm familiar melody from our past & arranged with fresh soulful harmonies set in a fresh and soothing musical setting are just what we need many times to bring us back to the healing center of our being. Many times I need to be wrapped in the musical warm arms of a forgotten & nostalgic tune from my youth to remind me of how blessed and grateful I am for the love and beauty in my life.

I have chosen a few ancient anglican hymn tunes that I placed in a new age acoustical setting along with a few gospel songs from the 1800’s that I arranged in a soulful and light jazz setting. I also included two new age contemporary orchestral compositions written by Michael W.Smith which I recently discovered & which have moved and inspired me to recreate his sweeping orchestrations in a virtual symphonic setting.

Russ is one "R" of the New Age Neo-Classical Organ & Keyboard Duo known as RnR Fusion with partner, composer, pipe organist and co-church music director Rick Land.

Russ is co-founder and CEO of RnR Fusion Media and is an accomplished and gifted pianist, keyboardist, orchestrator, arranger, conductor, digital graphics artist, video & music producer.

Over the past three decades Russ has become known and loved as a musician, conductor, orchestrator, arranger, contemporary worship leader, teacher and a pianists with a Psalmist’s heart within the congregations and institutions he has served and continues to serve.

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